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To provide resources and tools to those interested in the field of Education

Purpose of This Page

Provided here are a variety of resources and tools to those interested in the field of Education.


Full Text Finder has an alphabetical list of journals in a wide variety of educational subjects.  Click on one of the Full Text Access link to look further into the publication.  You can choose to seach within the publication or choose one of the years on the right hand side and look through the articles published in that specific issue.


Journals? Got it.  Newspapers? Got it. Magazines? Got it.  Access to tons of information?  Defiantly!  Use the widget below to start your search through our EBSCO Database.

Education Databases
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Very few things are more important than the education of our American children, as they are the ones who will shape the future of our country.  Yet there are controversies and different ideas in what our youth should learn. Opposing Viewpoints provides unbiased information on a variety of different formats (such as journals and magazines).


Films on Demand has a wide variety of videos on several different subjects such as: instruction, psychology, and special needs.  Click on one of the options on the left to look at videos in that category or use the search bar at the top to find something more specific.


You've got a lot to learn before you can teach. Use the search widget below to start your search through EBSCO's Education eBooks.

Education eBooks
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